Systech International - leading surveying firm in GCC

Systech International, a well known global company , offers services directed towards global customers, offering support in the distribution of infrastructure, construction and sustainment projects, in regards to budgets spendings.
With the base of the company being set in 1991, with the main office locate in London and in present having 26 offices and 500 efficient and experienced employees, Systech International continues to be independent and known as one of the top biggest privately held managing construction consultancies company in the world.
Systech International is managing activities in Africa and in the Middle East, with branches in Dubai, Doha, Dammam, Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg and Riyadh and is involved in long term cooperation in large projects, such as Dubai Metro, Dubai Mall, Dubai International, Burj Khalifa, and Salam Street Tunnel, Hamad International Airports and Kusile Power Stations and Medupi.
Systech International implements it's services using traditional methods of project and risk management, contract management and planning/scheduling, and in the same time, it strives to focus on new aspects like claims and disputes resolution.
In his speech, Stephen Rayment, Systech's International Founder and CEO, was explaining how his team envelop the applicability of technology to develop the way of working for all contractors. The development team posses a big database of presentation and animations used in the benefit of contractors to win bids and solve disputes.
The edited pictures seem to be alive after using the software technology created by Systech International development team. The program is able to create sensational 3D interactive representation from 2D pictures.
Currently they are testing a cloud-based application for activating the mobile phone based on voice activation. This will come in contactors' help in order to sustain all the up to date documentation from the branches and develop communications within branches. The application is forecasted to be released in January 2014.

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