Secure FTP space - Confidentiality and Effectiveness

Secure FTP space - Confidentiality and Effectiveness
Ftp (File Transfer Protocol) is the safest and most used transfer protocol way of any kind of documents, from or for a server hosting, often the computers used for the data transfer have different operating systems. FTP server address is the same as an http server, it differs the prefix – instead of http: // www it’s used ftp: // ftp. For example to upload a website on a ftp storage server it’s possible with this protocol with a ftp client (a soft that provides data transfer between personal computer and a storage ftp server, with a username and a password).
Once connected to the ftp storage server, you can see a series of folders and at least one director. This directory is the place where you can load document which will be hosted on the server. All data documents from this directory will be accessible on the Internet.
Navigating on Web hosting account directories on the server is as simple as navigation on the personal computer, the access to files and various operations (copy, delete, move, rename…) is done using the same commands on the computer.
FTP is the oldest Internet protocol used, even before the launch of World Wide Web. Files uploaded to ftp space can be in ASCII format (for text files or HTML pages), or in binary format (for audio, video, pictures, executables …). Sites with ftp storage can be found often on the Internet. Such a service is provided by Click here to access and choose your own hosting plan.
Using FTP client can set permissions for scripts or any other files or directories web hosting account. Today any Internet browser supports ftp. Many web ftp storage servers have enabled the so-called protocol “anonymous ftp” (ftp anonym) which means that the users who access the account do not need FTP username and password.
This protocol is generally used when the objective is to have access to data called web hosting server and to send large files to your personal computer. To manage a site, data document and its maintenance on a ftp storage server, ftp access is needed, to perform various operations required for this type of activity. Access is done through a large variety of FTP clients and whose choice depends on the wishes and preferences of each individual.

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