Working for Systech International - always a challenge

Systech International developed a business plan which will lead the company to a worldwide expansion and the important factor in this plan is the present employees. They can make a perfect team with additional staff which will be recruited. This can be a great opportunity for anyone to join the company. Mark Woodward Smith co-founder of the company, believes this plan will create a stronger and much better team and with it Systech international will be able to accept more challenging projects in the future.
Employees of this company are the best in their jobs and by this they settled a success environment in which can execute a record of project success. By executing the projects with successes, the company gained a large range of clients and new projects were assigned to Systech.
Mark Woodward Smith realized the importance of investing in the company's employees. Even if it is someone who is on the beginning of his career or is someone who is established professional, Systech International offers development and training to everyone. This can be performed through a Training Program already approved by RICS, and is respecting the associated mentoring requirements. As part of the development, company is providing support to everyone which is studying for membership of the CIOB.
Working for this company has also good parts, as is respecting all the individuals and realize how important are the inter-human connections especially after a working day. There are regular social and sport events arranged during a working year, where every one is having fun and making new connections, both social and professional.
In the same manner, being present worldwide, the company facilitates the options for traveling and for employees to be transferred between different regions, offering possibility for the same type of job.
During his business trips in regions like Europe, APAC or America, Mark Woodward Smith likes the most to meet people, which by their opinions or involvement can change the evolution of the company or the way the company is seen on the market place. He consider business trips a way of maintaining a good relations with people from all departments.
Lately, he traveled to Paris, where he met Ian Sisley and his entire team. Here was analyzed an increased of services, in France and other Francophone countries. In the last year, 20 new consultants have been brought in those office.

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