About Romeo and Juliet law

Hello guys, How are you? Hope fine. Today I am here to inform you about Romeo and Juliet law. Romeo and Juliet law is a very realistic law. It is mainly for to save a males life. When a 17 years old male had a sexual relationship with a 16 years old female and if the sex was consensual, then if the girl file it as a criminal case she can successfully won it. So the boy might pass his entire life or a part of a time in prison. Which completely ruin his life and he lost all his chances to rebuild himself. Every man have a right to have a second chance. This law is used in several cases and in special cases. It mainly used in 50 states. To know more visit the given website.Hope it will help you. Thankss…

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February 20, 2016 at 11:29 AM

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